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Private Chef

The Most Delicious Private Dining

Chef Service is the best option to cater to a busy family and an exceptional way to relax on your vacation, this service can include shopping & planning for a special dinner with friends or to coordinate your daily needs.

a person sitting at a table with a plate of food

Our Culinary Experiences

  • Breakfast $45 per person / Puerto Rican Breakfast Buffet – a great way to bring aromatherapy into your morning, with a blend of our local coffee, pancakes or waffle w/fresh fruit, eggs on the grill, don’t forget the Mimosas!
  • Cookout $50 per person – This experience comes with a hang out at the Pool and Sun Deck, don’t miss out! Skirt Steak or Chicken & Grilled Vegetables & Baked Potato, water & local beer included.
  • Dinner $100 per person / Ribeye Local Steak From our World know Butcher The Cut or Fish Form our Local Fish Market This plate comes with a reduction of red wine sauce with sauté mushrooms if meat is taken, equally as good if you prefer the Red Snapper flavored with Puerto Rican seasoning. Served with Pasta Carbonara or Mash Potato, water & wine included!
a close up of food on a plate
a person preparing food in a kitchen