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Restaurants in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

The Best Restaurants in Old San Juan

You will be surprised, delighted and maybe just a bit overwhelmed at the amount of restaurants and the variety available in Puerto Rico. Our island cuisine is not only in the metropolitan area, but cultivated in parks, beach fronts, even on the winding roads of the mountain side. From Creolle to Asian Fusion, you can let your taste buds choose and we will be glad to send you in the right direction. For recommendations and reservations for restaurants in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, please contact our virtual concierge via text, email, or live chat.

a person sitting at a table with a plate of food

Barrachina Restaurant

Any visit to Old San Juan would not be complete without a visit to the magnificent courtyard of our two-century old building where, in 1963, Don Ramón Portas Mingot created the now world-famous Piña Colada.

Today, in addition to our incomparable Piña Coladas, we present you with a menu of mouth-watering Spanish, Puerto Rican, and international dishes that is sure to offer something wonderful for everyone in your group but making a choice from our list of delicious meals is never an easy task.Open at 7am for Breakfast. Full menu available from 11am.

  • We use fresh ingredients and prepare all meals to order.
  • Free luggage storage available from 8am to -5pm daily.
  • Delicious Caribbean and International meals.
  • Absolutely the BEST Piña Coladas.
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Princessa Cocina Cultura

Welcome – Glad you’re with us! We want you to have the best experience while on our island. No matter how long you’re with us, enjoy and live it intensely. We are a destination that always has something to celebrate. Our culture has its foundations rooted in a centuries-old story that embraces and coexists with other Nations. When you leave, we guarantee that you will take in your luggage a piece of us along with beautiful stories to tell. You are on the All-Star Island… Puerto Rico.

To know Princesa is to know Puerto Rico. Visit our unique location in old San Juan, surrounded by trees and next to a fortified wall that has witnessed over 450 years of history.

Our culinary offer is a combination of our 1850s gastronomy, fresh caught fish and Mediterranean flavors. Come and discover the first Rum Bar certified by Rums of Puerto Rico. In our Rum Bar we offer all the brands of rums produced on the island. Visit us and take home a beautiful story to share.

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Vaca Brava

Vaca Brava is the real deal to experience the unique Puerto Rican culture.

Vaca Brava® is a creative Puerto Rican restaurant located in Old San Juan. ¡Get over here, get delighted with our local steaks, poultry and Caribbean seafood! Founded in the center in the central mountains, in the small town of Barranquitas, this restaurant shows you our culture and local fresh ingredients.


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